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How to Construct Own Abacus

Abacus is a simple device that is used for calculating simple arithmetical questions. It is a device that is used for centuries by the human beings and has been in use by the human beings for about 4500 years. The simplicity of the tool has enabled many civilizations to construct similar devices with some difference in their designs but with the same purpose of performing arithmetic calculations.

If we go into the history, many abaci can be found which are made by many civilizations one after another. The first days of abacus include the wooden pile on which sand was spread and then counting was done on that with the help of a stick or finger. In some cases pebbles were used for counting. With the lapse of time it changed its phase and took the shape of modern day abacus. Abacus is the world's first comprehensive calculator.

Abacus Structure

Abacus is a simple tool. It consists of a wooden frame. The wooden frame is then divided into two parts with the help of a horizontal rod. This beam divides the frame into two parts and leaves it with two portions, the upper portion and the lower portion.

The upper portion contains two beads whereas the lower portion contains five beads attached to the vertical rods. The upper portion rods contain the value 5 whereas the lower portion rods contain the value 1. The place value of the beads increase from left to right. Large number of calculations can be made at a time on it.