About Us

Energising the Minds

MaxMind is Hyderabad based Internationally renowned brand in Mind Development programs for kids operating since 2006 Imparting Education in Abacus, Vedic Math, Aero Modeling Science Labs for kids.

MaxMind had always worked hard on student development and kept its focus clear on providing quality education for kids, thus maintaining its theme “Energizing The Minds.” This means that the focus is on learning which strengthens the capacities of children to act progressively on their own behalf through the acquisition of relevant knowledge, useful skills and appropriate attitudes; and which creates for children, and helps them create for themselves and others, places of safety, security and healthy interaction.

MaxMind course content is meticulously designed by its own in house R&D department which prepares 100% relevant curricula and materials for kids that help them in the acquisition of basic skills, in the areas numeracy and skills for life and knowledge in such areas

At MaxMind we have always laid emphasis on high quality of education delivery. Quality education means that the majority of the students, if not all, are able to meet the expectation of the "Minimum Level of Learning". It means stimulating creative thinking, developing problem-solving skills and life skills and laying emphasis on application of knowledge.

MaxMind Academies are one place where parents are involved and PTAs are strong. The PTAs are held fortnightly & in these meetings we assess, monitor, scrutinize and evaluate the performance of the students and the centre management. The educational standards that centres are required and expected to maintain can then be established with the full participation of parents and not merely by the authority of administrative bodies. The community and the parents take keen interest in the education of their children at MaxMind.

Education is the foundation upon which we have to build our society. It has to be our first social priority. It is an investment, which has the biggest multiplier. So, let us invest into our future with our heart and mind.

Achievements Of MaxMind

The company has existing Franchisee Network of 372 entrepreneurs with 83000 students enrolled in various courses with its national presence in 83 cities, spread across 20 states. The International operations of Maxmind is currently in 15 countries. Further the company is planning to expand its operations to 25 countries in next 2 years. It is expected that the annual growth target of 75% P.A. would be achieved and company would be able to maintain it’s track record of positive growth every year. MaxMind was also rated as 17th Best Franchisor company in India in 2010.

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