Write Legibly And Clearly

Write Legibly And Clearly

  • Teacher will be able to decipher what is written and award appropriate marks
  • The taste of higher marks at the academics will be a motivating factor to aim for better marks next time.
  • Help him or her to gain a lifetime of better handwriting which will be added advantage in career and personal life.

Clearer thought processes for the writer

No longer having to struggle with the “how” of writing (i.e., how to form the letters), the brain is freed to work on idea formation and composition. The result is better written compositions.

Easier reading and interpretation for the reader

The reader no longer has to interpret sloppy pen strokes to figure out what is being said and is able to concentrate on the evaluation of the writer’s ideas.

More receptive audiences to the writing

  • Easy-to-read documents result in an audience that is more receptive of the ideas that the document presents.
  • Raised sense of self-competence as writers, which in turn increases achievement across all subjects.