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To fill the gap of receding handwriting training in educational instructions, MaxWrite is conducting Handwriting Improvement classes for: students and adults from all walks of life. We have many models of instruction with specific learning path to suit the needs of a students. Focus is on prewriting activities develop eye-hand coordination skills, postural control, grip control, visual discrimination, emphasis on letter formation, legibility and consistency and following directions. Specific individual issues will be handled. Instruction is available for students all round the year from Kindergarten to Post Graduation in Print and Cursive Handwriting.

Each student is assessed and a remedial is done according to the students specific need. The course duration may vary from student to student according to the extent of correction, the child’s learning ability and intervention required.

As handwriting specialist with experience in turning around students with phenomenal success, we realise that Handwriting Correction is not a quick program is the change happens in stages. Hence we do not have a fixed duration of all students. The duration, frequency and learning path a student takes is decided after the assessment.

We are proud to say that our success rate in helping a student improve his handwriting almost 100%. The success rate we have experienced is not only with normal children but also with student who had learning difficulty and motor skill underdevelopment.

The core methodology used multi-layered approach to make students:


Handwriting Improvement Course

The course conducted at our centres have the following advantages:

Proven Methodology

Our writing exercises use therapy based Cursive training that improve learning, develop minds etc.

Lessen Writing Finger Strain

We train correct letter formation, letter placement, spacing between letters, and spacing between words.

Write Legibly And Clearly

Help him or her to gain a lifetime of better handwriting which will be added advantage in career.
Handwriting training

Handwriting training is Important

A student's inability to record information in a consistent and legible form can slow down their progress.This can lead to frustration and possibly unfriendliness with a system assessment is linked to the written exams.

Handwriting difficulties can therefore weaken educational progress and interfere with learning. Handwriting fluency can affect completing written assignments, ability to take notes during lectures and frequency of writing.

A large amount of time in school is spent up in writing notes, assignment and copying from board.

  • Handwriting style is a factor in student achievement, regardless of ability.
  • The use of fixed-time examinations is used in schools and colleges. Students with slow writing speed will not be able to complete the exams even if they know all the answers.
  • Students achieving higher marks tend to write better handwriting style than those who under achieved.
  • The evidence from various studies suggested that handwriting quality and quantity are strongly associated with examination achievement.

  • You will be able note down anything clearly and legibly. Example - a phone number while you are on a mobile phone.
  • Write your letters and address on envelopes legibly and neatly.
  • Doctors will be able to write their prescription legibly, ensuring safety to their patients.
  • You will be able to convey the correct instruction to your subordinates preventing misinterpretation.
  • Your boss will be able to decipher your reports correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Parents are not required to teach the child at home. However, the parent should monitor, comment and encourage the child to do the homework in a manner the child is taught in the MaxWrite class.
Staff recruitment is never a problem for MaxMind programs, since we need normal people (even under graduates) you won’t find any problem in recruiting staff. We will train all your people at no extra cost.
A master must be a master of his subject, this is one way how MaxMind gains edge, we know our subject well and we know how to create masters. Our training modules makes you perfect and not less than any master of the subject, if you continue your study further you can become master of masters but just completing the course training from MaxMind will sure make you a MASTER. This is our speciallity and you can depend upon us.
Almost nothing, we have designed the programs as home based business, so if you run the programs from your home and you teach yourself, you will not have any recurring fixed expenses. Even when you run it as a full time program from a commercial location the recurring costs are very nominal.
MaxMind businesses can be run as full time or part time business. If you plan to take this opportunity as full time business, you will need to give almost 5-6 hours a day and as part time business it will be just 10-15 hours a week, usually on holidays & Sundays. But even as a part time entrepreneurs people generate revenues greater than their full time ventures.
MaxMind programs are ideally designed as Home Based Business opportunities, so the demand for infrastructure is reduced to minimum & you just need one classroom setup with seating capacity of 20. It can be your home or else you can just tie up with some existing play school to conduct classes.
Parents are not required to teach the child at home. However, the parent should monitor, comment and encourage the child to do the homework in a manner the child is taught in the MaxWrite class.
No, we do not offer home tutors at the moment.
Normally the training is for 15-20 working days during summer camps or a 3 month once a week course. But, we will access the child’s present handwriting and ability and let you know what will be the appropriate number of classes the child needs to better his handwriting.
The course is intended to supplement (not substitute) classroom learning. It will considerably improve the handwriting of any participating student. An average learner will be elevated to an excellent level, a below average learner will be brought up to an average level, and an excellent learner will be challenged to higher levels of excellence and outstanding performance because of beautiful handwriting.

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