Aparna Chaudhuri

After my son’s birth I was very unwell and could not continue with my job of a lecturer in an Engineering College. I had to leave my PhD in between for the same reason. The only hope and reason for my being was my son.

But when my son started going to school I realized I have a lot of free time which I am not utilizing for any constructive work. I started having severe depression. Doctor advised me to join some kind of job. In this situation I came to know about Maxmind. The work method of Maxmind suited my requirement. I joined the group. Within a month I was out of my depression and I started regaining my confidence. I was happy and that reflected in my daily life. I started with one school. Gradually the number of school increased and with that increased number of students. Now I am planning to have a group of my own. I have found out some ladies who are educated and eager to work but cannot join a regular job because of various reasons. I hope we all will work as a team. Maxmind has not only given me financial freedom but it has given me creative satisfaction. I have seen remarkable difference in students of my class. Their speed has increased 10 folds. I will like to specially mention two special children in my class Mrudul and Shweta (both are autistic). They both have completed level 1A and are registered for level 1B. They love doing abacus and are improving a lot.

Aparna Chaudhuri


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