Roma Arora

I had a great experience with MaxMind India. It has been 7 yrs with MaxMind. I started with only 6 student's. No income but by the time and cooperation of company personnel Mr. Gaurav Goel

and my family helped and made it fruitful in a city like Gorakhpur. With time I became renouned in Gorakhpur. I and company together put our idea in most of the schools especially air force school and got a very good response with 40 students in one workshop. This inspired me and then I started winter and summer camps for 20 days for promoting MaxMind along with some activities like brain games, drawing and abacus. I will like to share one experience were I was getting negative response but my positive attitude towards my work showed great result and I called children of those parents who were not satisfied with workshop and some of my old students and asked some brain teasing mental maths questions which our children were able to answer with in fraction of second but children of those parents took lot of time which proved mine as well as company efforts together worked. Now those parents are my good will and they brought lot many admission. I hope and pray that it should be like this and continue.

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Roma Arora
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