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Modern Applications of Abacus

Abacus is the device that has been around for many millenniums and has played a significant role in our educational lives and also in our practical lives. It is such a remarkable achievement of human race that it has made us proud.

For centuries every child is taught about this great tool at some stage of his or her life. Even if someone is not taught to work on it, he is still told something about it. This is because it has played the most important role in the mathematical sides of our culture and has helped the mankind for centuries in their conquest of numbers. Abacus is still used in various fields of modern world.


Abacus is widely used in teaching young children. Young children are not fully aware of the number system and find it very difficult to solve arithmetical problems. They feel comfortable when they calculate using abacus. In the modern days children use abacus as their playing tool therefore when they are taught to solve problems on their playing toy they find it fun and learn eagerly.

Some of the calculations are really difficult to perform for children. Simple arithmetic problems might feel easy to the grown up mind but they create a lot of difficulties for the first time solving children such as the multiplication is difficult to perform and it could be done with more accuracy and precision with the help of abacus.

Abacus has also been proved beneficial for teaching blind children how to perform arithmetical functions. Its structure with the rods and beads on those rods help blind students to understand the process of calculations and allow them to calculate things themselves. Abacus is still considered worth teaching and even in these days some schools in Asia and North America teach their students how to perform calculations on the abacus.

Some businessmen, bankers and people related to other fields as well to perform their calculations, also use abacus. People who use abacus prefer it to any other calculating device.


Abacus has been used in architecture for many centuries and is still in use in many parts of the world. It enriches the concept of architecture. Abacus aids the designs used by the architects in designing the buildings. They still use it to measure the dimensions and the sides of the buildings. Very beautiful architectural buildings have been carved with the help of this tool.