To fill the gap of receding handwriting training in educational instructions, MaxWrite is conducting Handwriting Improvement classes for: students and adults from all walks of life.

We have many models of instruction with specific learning path to suit the needs of a students.

Focus is on prewriting activities develop eye-hand coordination skills, postural control, grip control, visual discrimination, emphasis on letter formation, legibility and consistency and following directions. Specific individual issues will be handled.

Instruction is available for students all round the year from Kindergarten to Post Graduation in Print and Cursive Handwriting.

Each student is assessed and a remedial is done according to the students specific need. The course duration may vary from student to student according to the extent of correction, the child’s learning ability and intervention required.

As handwriting specialist with experience in turning around students with phenomenal success, we realise that Handwriting Correction is not a quick program is the change happens in stages. Hence we do not have a fixed duration of all students. The duration, frequency and learning path a student takes is decided after the assessment.

We are proud to say that our success rate in helping a student improve his handwriting almost 100%. The success rate we have experienced is not only with normal children but also with student who had learning difficulty and motor skill underdevelopment.

The core methodology used multi-layered approach to make students:

  1. Get the position and the motor movements that aid handwriting physically correct.
  2. Understand the construction of handwriting.
  3. Enjoy the process; develop a sensual and aesthetic appreciation of handwriting.


  • Do parent have to teach at home? +

    Parents are not required to teach the child at home. However, the parent should monitor, comment and encourage the child Read More
  • Do you provide home tutions? +

    No, we do not offer home tutors at the moment. Read More
  • How long the course will take? +

    Normally the training is for 15-20 working days during summer camps or a 3 month once a week course. But, Read More
  • How will this benefit children? +

    The course is intended to supplement (not substitute) classroom learning. It will considerably improve the handwriting of any participating student. Read More
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