Navin Aggarwal

Indian culture is high in values. We have been planning to inculcate such values in our students along with international competitiveness. Our students are well versed with Our festivals, culture and strong academic.

We were always looking for international brand tie-ups which can give our school more mileage. Our search ended with MAXMIND INDIA. From Maxmind we have found courses and modules with the help of which students are benefitting not only in calculations but in their overall mental development. Courses like Abacus has given them an edge over others to use their right brain more effectively and efficiently. On the other hand Vedic Maths has improved the efficiencies of students appearing for competitive exams. I talked to many parents about the change in their children after they have started our courses. All the parents are very happy with the improvement in their children on various points. I personally feel these are courses with which students can have edge over the competition.


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