Given the initial training in modern maths in today's schools, students will be able to comprehend the logic of Vedic mathematics after they have reached the 8th standard. It will be of interest to every one but more so to younger students keen to make their mark in competitive entrance exams.

India's past could well help them make it in today's world.

It is amazing how with the help of 16 Sutras and 16 sub-sutras, the Vedic seers were able to mentally calculate complex mathematical problems.


  • How and where to get trained staff from? +

    Staff recruitment is never a problem for MaxMind programs, since we need normal people (even under graduates) you won’t find Read More
  • How can I teach without full knowledge? +

    A master must be a master of his subject, this is one way how MaxMind gains edge, we know our Read More
  • How much is recurring monthly cost? +

    Almost nothing, we have designed the programs as home based business, so if you run the programs from your home Read More
  • How much time I need for this business? +

    MaxMind businesses can be run as full time or part time business. If you plan to take this opportunity as Read More
  • Infrastructure for all these programs? +

    MaxMind programs are ideally designed as Home Based Business opportunities, so the demand for infrastructure is reduced to minimum & Read More
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FAQs Science Club

  • Are the materials very expensive? +

    No, not at all! The projects are done with less expensive and easily available materials. Read More
  • Are these very complicated to make? +

    No, not at all! They are very easy to construct and understand. Read More
  • Do schools accept this course? +

    Yes! Of coures since this is a very interesting and educative project schools give a very good response to Max Labs. Read More
  • Do you provide detailed instructions? +

    Yes! All the project has a detailed instructions. Read More
  • Does all these projects easy to make? +

    Yes! These are very easy to make designs. Read More
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FAQs Abacus

  • Child will require an abacus after course? +

    No, An abacus is not required. However, the concept of the abacus is used as described above and only an Read More
  • Good student in math. Is there a benefit? +

    A student who has already demonstrated advanced ability in mathematics will benefit greatly from learning the image abacus method. Relieved Read More
  • How does image abacus differ from the arithmetic? +

    The difference between image abacus calculation and traditional methods is profound, but difficult to summarize. Image abacus calculation relies upon Read More
  • How is Abacus training possible? +

    You would agree with us that the more you use your organs/parts of the body the more it responds and Read More
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FAQs Vedic Maths

  • Is it useful today? +

    Given the initial training in modern maths in today's schools, students will be able to comprehend the logic of Vedic Read More
  • What is its Speciality? +

    Vedic scholars did not use figures for big numbers in their numerical notation. Instead, they preferred to use the Sanskrit Read More
  • What is the basis of Vedic Maths? +

    The basis of Vedic mathematics, are the 16 sutras, which attribute a set of qualities to a number or a Read More
  • What is Vedic Mathematics? +

    It is an ancient technique, which simplifies multiplication, divisibility, complex numbers, squaring, cubing, square and cube roots. Even recurring decimals Read More
  • Who brought it in limelight? +

    The subject was revived largely due to the efforts of Jagadguru Swami Bharathikrishna Tirthaji of Govardhan Peeth, Puri Jaganath (1884-1960). Read More
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FAQs Handwriting

  • Do parent have to teach at home? +

    Parents are not required to teach the child at home. However, the parent should monitor, comment and encourage the child Read More
  • Do you provide home tutions? +

    No, we do not offer home tutors at the moment. Read More
  • How long the course will take? +

    Normally the training is for 15-20 working days during summer camps or a 3 month once a week course. But, Read More
  • How will this benefit children? +

    The course is intended to supplement (not substitute) classroom learning. It will considerably improve the handwriting of any participating student. Read More
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  • Relationship between fingerprints and the human brain? +

    During the earlier days, when American doctors discovered a strange case where the baby is born without a brain. In Read More
  • Is dermatoglyphics a form of fortune telling? +

    Absolutely not. Palmistry or Chiromancy is the divination of the future by interpretation of the concave furrows of our palms. Read More
  • What is Dermatoglyphics? +

    Dermatoglyphics is generated in the human fingers, palms, toes, and feet rose on the lines. Born in finger dermatoglyphics, called Read More
  • How accurate is the dermatoglyphics test? +

    Dermatoglyphics is a professional industry that combines neurobiology, genetics and embrology. Fingerprint patterns are not random. They are arranged according Read More
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